Salon Forum™...Women Gathering for Connection and Personal Enrichment

Welcome to the hottest idea in how to connect with terrific women like you in Southern California!  Did you know that in 18th and 19th century Europe, women held salons for stimulating people to share thoughts and views, on literature, art, politics, and more?  Now it has been re-invented for you.

Salon Forum™ is a community created to bring women together  to listen to stimulating, thought-  provoking speakers, socialize, network, relax and enjoy themselves.  All that, plus good food, wine, in an inviting Los Angeles home conveniently located between the City and the San Fernando Valley. 

Our busy lives and intense work schedules don't always allow us to meet new women, for socializing or networking, and hopefully to establish some meaningful connections.  Salon Forum™ taps into a need most of us share to stay connected, stimulate our brains, consider new paradigms of thought and broaden our experience.

So, join the Salon Forum™ community of women  to enrich your life and in turn, enrich others!